The Virtual Hub Paid Training: Life Changing Moment for Aspiring Virtual Assistants


After gaining strength and courage to resign from my previous job in a BPO company to work near with my family and chose to start a career in a home based job, I have encountered a lot of struggles, depression, low self-esteem and broke. I thought that getting a career as a virtual assistant was all that simple since I don’t have to travel, walk distances to send my job application to companies, get dressed formally but I was wrong, very wrong. The road to my goal was rough, painful, distressful.

I have been sending my virtual assistant application to all job posts in different online job sites for months now. There are numbers of agencies to where I was hired and promised to get hired by one of their hundred clients but they left me hanging. Some job posts looking for virtual assistant applicants requires skills that I don’t possess and that makes me feel so disappointed with myself since I can’t even get to enroll myself to online universities or people who offer training with fees.

After several months of looking for jobs, I have found The Virtual Hub posted their advertisement in one of the Facebook group. The Virtual Hub is an outsourcing agency who has numbers clients connected to real estate. They are looking for virtual assistant applicants and that they offer paid training. So, I tried my luck again and fortunately, I passed the final interview and was endorsed for 10 days training about Virtual Assistant skills related to Real Estate.

At first, I was hesitant to attend the training of  The Virtual Hub since I was thinking that maybe it was just part of their advertisement. Because it was my first time during my months of stay as an online worker to hear that an agency will give a paid training. All of the clients and job sites where I was connected before and sent my applications don’t give as such.

The first 5days of training with The Virtual Hub I can say was “life changing”. Funny as the line goes but literally, it has changed my life as an online worker. The first 5 days though for me were too short but the training was full of information. The training was all about Real Estate, marketing, making logos and postcards, creating videos, using WordPress and writing blogs which led me to start writing like what I am doing right now.

The Virtual Hub not only gave me a lot of information about the job that I wanted to pursue and taught relevant skills for aspiring virtual assistants.  The Virtual Hub training also gave me back the self-confidence that I have lost along the way during my struggle and it motivated me to continue to learn new skills. It also developed my capability to try harder in pursuing my goal but the most important thing that Virtual Hub staff showed us, was to be humble with everyone and to be as supportive as you can to those who hardly needs it.


Home Staging: Strategies to Make Selling Faster



Selling a home is somewhat complicated especially when you’re in a rush on selling it and you doesn’t want to compromise its selling price. In order to make selling more easier, the seller must know effective ways of home staging. Home staging is the term use for preparing a property or a residence for sale in a marketplace in which you are making the selling property more appealing to the prospective buyers.

Here are few strategies to remember when doing a home staging:

1. Exterior: Impress buyer onset.
Home exterior is the first thing buyers would get to see during the open house and you might want the buyers to make them see a clean, calm and inviting surroundings. Start cleaning your patio or have your outside walls brushed free from ferns, vines or accumulated dust. Have your plants neatly placed on your patio, make sure they’re trimmed and looked healthy. Check your surroundings if there is anything else that would look hard in the buyer’s eyes.

2. Furniture: Declutter

Remember that you are selling your home and not your furniture and you don’t want your prospective buyers to envision themselves living in a home full of obstruction. So, start decluttering. Remove or hide your knickknacks and take away the furniture you think is not necessary or replace them with modern types or those that would match your home paintings. Make your potential buyers feel as cozy and lightly as you can in their envisioned home.

3. Tiles, walls, windows and ceilings: Be meticulous

Be meticulous in inspecting your tiling, walls, windows and ceilings. Check for cracks and have it replace if necessary because it is a definite sore point for your home. Sweep away spider webs and wipe off the dust on your ceilings or have it repainted if necessary. Be sure to clean your bathroom and make it sparkle, you might want to feel your buyers as if they are in a hotel room.

4. Floors. Last but not the least.

Well, you might want to welcome your buyers with a flawless and sparkling floor. So, be sure to mop your floor or have it waxed or replace the chipped or cracked parts.

Staging a home is not easy as it would take a lot of one’s time and effort. Thinking of ways on how to make it look welcoming to the potential buyers is stressful but one would see the outcome is more pleasurable. Always remember to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes as you also want to put your investment in rewarding benefits.